1st Annual Charlotte Venture Challenge Pitch Day

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14 New Technology Innovations Presented


There are 254 Fortune 500 companies represented in Charlotte, NC. The companies on the Fortune 500 list have gotten where they are through innovations in diverse industries. The 1st Annual Charlotte Venture Challenge (CVC) Pitch Day brought together corporate innovation executives and innovative new technologies from throughout Charlotte.

The 1st Annual CVC Pitch Day took place at UNC Charlotte on December 6th, 2012. Pitch Day is the lead into the 2013 Charlotte Venture Challenge Start-up competition. The Pitch Day event featured 14 presentations of innovative new technologies in three categories consisting of UNC Charlotte Masters and PH.D. Students, UNC Charlotte Faculty and Researchers, and members of the Inventors Network of the Carolinas. Cash prizes were awarded, but the main goal of the event was to accelerate the growth of new technologies by exposing innovators to business executives, entrepreneurs and investors.

Each presenter made a three-minute pitch and responded to questions from the judging panel. The judging panel made up of innovation executives from Lowes, Electrolux, Belk, Husqvarna, Ingersoll Rand, and Blackarch Partners. Mike Weaver a member of the Inventors Network of the Carolinas described his experience as follows “My goal from the start was to get IMI smartShelf slide presentation sets into the hands of each judge and work for a follow up face-to-face meeting. That happened already so I am a big CVC Pitch Day winner.”
The category winners included Student category winners Nicole Laville and Arnab Pal for their Glucose Sensor technology; Faculty and Researcher category winner Richard Giles for his BioFuels production technology; and Inventors Network of the Carolinas category winner Pam Delhotal for her Gilly Mobility Assist Device. Cash prizes were awarded to the 1st and 2nd place winners of each category, made possible by the Hauser Family Fund.

Student Category:
1st Place Team – Glucose Sensor – Nicole Laville, Arnab Pal
2nd Place Team – Magnetic Gear Technology – Theresa Myers, Soheil Razmyar

Faculty and Researcher Category:
1st Place Team – BioFuels Production – Richard Giles
2nd Place Team – Laser Surgery Application – Vasily Astratov

Inventors Network of the Carolinas:
1st Place Team – Gilly Mobility Assist Devices, LLC – Pam Delhotal
2nd Place Team – IMI smartShelf – Mike Weaver


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